Lester Kelner, DMD, MEd, LMFT, DAPA


Treating Individuals,
Couples and Families

1515 The Fairway, Apt. 402H
Jenkintown, PA 19046
(215) 901-0882

If it's help you need, and you value the wisdom that accrues with age, then I'm your man. Each year adds more moves on the chessboard of life: What works? What doesn't! I have helped many — as I myself was helped during a rough patch. (If that doesn't strike you as important — trust me, it IS!) My approach is basically interpersonal because I believe nearly all our problems are RELATIONAL: Work, Marriage, Divorce, Kids, Parents, Friends — our worst problems ALWAYS involve us AND someone else. Even depression, anxiety or panic attacks usually MASK underlying relational causes.

I don't accept insurance: I find many people today don't want to make do with a therapist who's signed a contract that lets the insurance company "manage" their treatment from afar.. (But if money is tight we can space your visits as needed.)

My office is in an apartment building with a perfectly anonymous rear entrance on a free parking lot. Our first "try-out" appointment is free. Subsequent visits are $80. (I work by appointment only, but I can often accommodate an urgent situation reported to me by phone.)

Psychotherapist Lester Kelner